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It's Time For A Road Trip!
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There truly is a right way and wrong way to take a road trip and most of us have only experienced the latter...

The wrong way involves focusing on the destination while speeding down the freeway for hours at a time, driving as if your destination is your lifeline....and missing the journey.


This ultimately leaves you hangry, tired and uncomfortable while  having missed out on moments, experiences and opportunities to connect with others.


The right way is actually symbolic of life, involving being present and taking it slow. Stopping frequently to enjoy the journey.


   Immersing yourself

in each region and local culture as you experience the vast beauty

of this country!


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A road trip provides freedom and more of the experiences that you seek! Each one should be a trip of exploration, self growth,  special moments with loved ones,  

activities, and more.

If you want to plan your first trip, check out our Book that has rules and guidelines to follow, along with other resources. You can also take advantage of our customized route planning service and shop for anything you need!

We are passionate about guiding guiding you to experience more memories on your own or with

loved ones and gain campfire

stories for a lifetime :)

Thankyou for allowing us to be a part of your journey, we're grateful.


Happy Travels! 


 -Jonathan Simos

    Fellow road tripper and Founder

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