One road trip can expand your mindset by forcing you out of your comfort zone in fun and unexpected ways. You will learn adaptability and gain an appreciation for the diversity this country has to offer. Road trips promote mindfulness and spark spontaneity; you may find that you return with different perspectives than when you left.

The challenge is that most people feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a road trip, but the process can actually be simple and enjoyable.


There truly is a right and wrong way to road trip, and most of us have experienced the latter at least once in our lives. You know the one I mean: that, long, tired, hangry trip, driving countless hours, sitting in one position longer than anyone should ever have to.

A road trip should never be this way!

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Road trips should be exciting; they should free your mind, allowing spontaneity and self-growth. Experiencing this adventure with friends or loved ones reinforces these relationships while encouraging you to live in the moment and enjoy the journey as each special moment unfolds. 

Throughout my extensive travels over the years, I began to recognize that simple modifications improve the entire road trip experience. 


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