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How To
Road Trip



This is the first book of a series that serves to establish a foundation.


This guide offers the "How To", so you can have rules and guidelines, key insight for maximizing each trip!


Most of us have definitely experienced a road trip the wrong way, at least once...


That long trip, driving countless hours- more than anyone should in one sitting and then feeling hangry and tired when we got to our destination.


A road trip should never be this way!

Road trips should be exciting, they should free your mind, provide spontaneity and self-growth.


An adventure with friends or loved ones reinforces these relationships while encouraging you to live in the moment, enjoying the journey and each

special moment that unfolds.


We offer key resources and insight :


-Simplifying planning

26 road trip commandments,

-Packing made simple,

-Games to play during downtime

-Technology to use

-How to maximize time and time block

-Mindset and reflection

-Questions to ask other passengers

to stimulate deep conversation

How To Road Trip America is all about simplifying the planning process,

allowing you to plan and pack in a

series of simple steps!

Many travelers don't know where to begin in planning a road trip or simply feel

overwhelmed, having many misconceptions.

We are here to guide you each and

every  step of the way :)


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