Book Series


How To Road Trip America was created to bring you modern road trip resources, along with anything you need to enhance each and every road trip!

The book series begins with the first book: " How To Road Trip America, a modern guide for your epic American adventures!"

This book sets the foundation with the How To, along with much much more. See the product details page to read about in depth and see reviews.




We want to provide you with memoirs and badges for each adventure you've had, a mark to spark conversation with others while on the road or in your home city!


Decals show personality and help you stand out while telling a bit about YOUR story! Ultimately being a beacon for fellow travelers with wanderlust and bringing our community together.

Our decals are creatively designed to represent each state through symbolism, showing key destinations. We may offer custom decals coming soon.


What would we be without offering clothing!

From a variety of jackets with our logo to keep you warm, to T-shirts with unique travel quotes or hilarious sayings ( we think they are funny)

And don't forget hats! Get your adventure hats to keep the sun out of your eyes and allow you to gaze further across the horizon!

Check out our online store!

Travel Products

There are many little items that simply make life better on road trips, from special pillows to innovative outdoor showers, backseat sibling divider walls- Just kidding... but seriously, check out our product list that will consistently grow as we design creative tools to enhance your road trips!

Adventure Boxes

Adventure boxes, as mentioned in the first book- are pre made kits that you can just grab and go, throw in your car and take off. This makes it very easily to pack and take off on a road trip. 

For example, rather than leaving all your bathroom items on the counter to use the morning of a road trip and then scavenging around trying to remember to pack them last minute - you create a travel bathroom kit. Each road trip , you simply grab your kit and throw it in your bag...

You do the same for other items, like a car kit that contains the road trip essentials- canteen to stay hydrated on the road, chapstick, sunscreen, a notepad and three pens ( for notes, research or games, trust me it comes in handy) etc... 

The point is that we do all the thinking and planning, so you simply can order a couple of kits to put in your closet and then when it comes time for a trip- just throw them in your trunk , pack your clothes and take off! We have a variety of boxes , so find the right fit for you!