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Customized Route Planning


Decide between 2 trip planning styles, depending on your preferences.


Answer 8 easy questions!


We then send your customized road trip within 3-5 business days!


We get on a quick call to answer any questions, review everything and wish you a great trip!

Like anything else in life, you need direction to experience more of what you seek. Without any direction a ship would float aimlessly, while being too destination focused causes you to miss out on the Journey. 

The key is balance, though leaning more towards structure or spontaneity depending on your

current preferences. 


If you plan too little, a trip can be more stressful as you miss activities,  drive by special places and scramble to find a place to stay last minute. However, with too much planning ( listen up you control freaks :) - the trip become too rigid, not allowing room for spontaneity and allowing organic experiences and special moments to unfold.

We are here to help you discover your perfect balance and experience more special moments and key experiences. We want you to have more crazy stories to share at

the campfire while being present and at

peace throughout your trip!


Our goal with offering customized route planning is to personalize a trip for your preferences. We use our simplified 4 step system that consists of the following:


Our Planning Process

We create a relatively planned trip to allow maximum spontaneity. Think free bird, knowing you are going to be flying south, though with enough structure to take away stress while establishing enough of a framework that allows you to be spontaneous from within.


You decide activities, restaurants and hotels- we just provide the general recommended region to stop within each night- with general options. 

Once you submit your form, we create it and then within one week you will receive it. We will schedule a followup call to review it with you and you're off!

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