First Book


This is the first book of the series, setting the foundation with the "How To", guiding you to maximize each trip!

Lets face it, there truly is a right way and wrong way to road trip and most of us have definitely experienced it the wrong way, at least once....That long trip, driving countless hours- more than anyone humanly should in one sitting and then feeling hangry and tired when we got to our destination. A road trip should never be this way!

Road trips should be exciting, they should free your mind,  provide spontaneity and self growth. An adventure with friends or loved ones reinforces these relationships while encouraging you to live in the moment, enjoying the journey and each special moment that unfolds. 

​​The American road trip has always been a classic adventure with friends, family or solo. These trips provide  spontaneity of the open road and allow you to fully immerse yourself within each region.


Many travelers don't know where to begin in planning a road trip or simply feel overwhelmed, having many misconceptions.


How To Road Trip America is all about simplifying the planning process while providing you with the guidance and resources to enjoy epic road trips and truly maximize each experience!

We offer key resources and insight such as the 26 road trip commandments, 8 simple steps to planning an epic trip, packing made simple, along with lists, games to play during downtime and more!

Take advantage of our customized Route planning for your next trip or attend one of the next seminars in your city to learn more! Check out our products and clothing while collecting decals for each destination you've checked off the list!

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The next book of the series is coming soon!




-Heather W.

Travel Nurse


"This book is so much more than a How To. It is a very useful tool for those of us who aren't OCD planners. The way it is written though turns this helpful How To into a funny and very insightful read too.


Not only does he teach you how to have a successful road trip, but he explains how to get the most out of it mentally and emotionally as well. There is an entire chapter devoted to The Art of Being. Overall, it's a great asset!"