How To Road Trip America:

your modern guide to epic American adventures.

Empowering travelers to create life changing road trips through simplifying the planning process, while offering crucial insight to allow you to get the most out of each experience.


The traditional American road trip is truly a classic, a signature adventure with friends or family that was once deemed impossible until only the last century. With the vast benefits that a road trip offers, along with advancements in technology and improvements in roads and attractions, we are living in the perfect age to take advantage of this luxury.


The truth is, wherever you live in America you are within range of taking a once in a lifetime road trip, experiencing the vast benefits of the open road and all that it entails. As Americans, we must take time to enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer, from the vast variation in terrain, to the various cultures associated within each region. Americans often choose to fly for vacations before exploring their own country because they do not know where to begin and are often deterred by thoughts of creating their own dream road trip adventure. This book will explain the benefits and experiences that only road trips can provide while breaking down any misconceptions, along with simplifying the planning process and offering key insight to allow you to create a life changing road trip.

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